1. Poetry

    On top of the mountain, above the clouds, we lay back on the picnic benches.

  2. Poetry

    Your sleeping is fitful, little red gums / Inflamed with the pain you can’t say.

  3. Poetry

    We reminded the house /
    of the swamp, of hidden things, /
    of war and jungle beasts

  4. Poetry

    Lighting up the room,
    Their face upon a screen

  5. Poetry

    The boreens tangle in themselves dividing up the land

  6. Poetry

    we did the dance /
    you know the one

  7. Poetry

    we can still sway /
    despite the crosses we’re born to bear

  8. Poetry

    I saw a word and fell in love /
    Thinking, that is me, I’ve found /
    It, the thing to define me

  9. Poetry

    anchoring her still to this world / her mind as broken as the daffodils

  10. Poetry

    I found, in the middle, an open grave. / Of course I climbed down

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