1. Short Fiction

    “I’ll be honest,” he puffs then tells his tale of resurrection.

  2. Short Fiction

    We’d pretend that Olivia was my baby, giving her a doll’s soother to suck and pushing her around in one of its prams.

  3. Short Fiction

    There is pain, and then there is that cold hand in mine, becoming warmer, like a kiss on the cheek.

  4. Short Fiction

    “I can’t be pregnant, Father. Can you help me, Father?”

  5. Short Fiction

    The wedding day arrives. Her brothers have kept watch all night, to see that she will not try to escape.

  6. Short Fiction

    I ran down to greet her before anyone else.

  7. Short Fiction

    A woman comes home full of a hundred thoughts.

  8. Short Fiction

    Since the now widely reported discovery of Stile 13, speculation has grown as to why the gateway remained unseen for so long.

  9. Short Fiction

    Colman McIlraith was nicknamed Hobbes not because he lectured in History or Political Science.

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