Issue 2: the theme of (un)belonging

Issue 2

Issue 2 submissions are open as of August 8th! Submissions will close in five weeks time on Sunday, September 19th at 11:59pm. So mark your calendars! 📆

For Issue 2, we decided to choose the theme of (un)belonging.

Belonging, unbelonging, and the relationship between them; that is the impetus of Issue 2. How do we feel like we belong? That we’re placed here purposefully, and not by some accident? Is it about having an affinity for something unifying? Or is it about conforming out of fear of being labelled ‘different’?

Belonging can be marked by the familial glow of companionship, feeling connected to a city, nature, or one’s home country, or by knowing everyone in a room full of people.

On the other hand, unbelonging is as much of an emotional presence as it’s cousin, a struggle that can start out in the playground and never quite end, never feeling part of the social fabric but instead isolated, judged, or exposed throughout life at different moments.

We hold this dichotomy within us from one day to the next. Belonging can become its opposite, robbed from us through no fault of our own. Is there a process behind this loss which leads to unbelonging, and how do we overcome this? The way we represent both feelings, and how they intersect in society, culture, and on this planet, is the journey of Issue 2.

Let’s join these halves together. We are keen to publish work which examines what exactly it means to belong or not, and which strikes us with honesty, poignancy, and care.

Check out the full guidelines for submissions here!